About the place

Restaurant “Salasha” – town Asenovgrad, 18 km. from Plovdiv on the main road Asenovgrad-Smolyan. Given that you are coming from Plovdiv, the detour will be on your right a little before leaving the town and in the direction of Asen’s Fortress. It is precisely the most fascinating landmark of the town, symbol of the Rhodope Mountains, of Bulgaria. The visit of Asen’s Fortress is a travel back in time when our country was sprawling on three seas and its might was at its peak. This fortress for centuries was a protector of its people and was the place where they sheltered their companions who were going towards the Aegean Sea. Built on a lonely cliff, it is standing erect like a sentinel on the antechamber of the mountain, where the east slopes of Rhodopes are sweeping down to the fertile Thracian Plains. Not once or twice in the past the fortress sheltered wanderers and believers, protected a numbers of Bulgarian families from our foes’ raids. Survived through the vicissitudes of time, enveloped by winds and legends, still whispering the words: “Rise, mother, let’s flee”. Because of its remarkable architecture and significance, the citadel was placed at №47 along with the nearby Bachkovo Monastery in Top 100 National Tourist Landmarks. Other recommended tourist landmark in the town is the well-known Orthodox church “Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary”. Below the church you will find a little chapel devoted to St. John the Baptist, in which you can find a holy spring with unique small fish. It is believed when a person is staring into the spring and is praying with the most sincere supplication to God, their wish will come true.

About the restaurant

Restaurant “Salasha” – BBQ is a place to eat, meet people, drink wine and enjoy music. The coziness and modest heartiness of this really unique place are enjoyed by many. We offer space for a hundred people and during the summer we offer room for 250 people in our breezy garden. Nevertheless, whether you want to eat something fast or you want to have fun with colleagues and friends, Restaurant “Salasha” is the place where in peace and coziness you can eat something tasty and you can escape from the hurried daily round. Take delight in the delicacies and dip in the pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant has an outdoor kid’s playground for many games and joy. We also can organize all kinds of celebrations for all who want to plan an unforgettable and unique holiday, optimizing at maximum their time and budget. We from restaurant “Salasha” know how to create a matchless combination of elegance and intellectual decision whether we organize the dreamt wedding, christenings, birthdays, private parties, corporative parties, children parties, miraculous New Year Eve or memorable dinner for special guests! Our priority is to turn with high professionalism your events in true celebrations. We know from experience that the memorable celebrations are not necessarily the most expensive, that’s why we value your time and money, without making any compromises in the quality. We would be happy if we can satisfy all of your tastes. The main idea and desire of restaurant “Salasha” is to make its clients feel special and unique. Every spot and detail of our restaurant is inspired by our ambition to be not only the restaurant you like to visit, but to be your favorite restaurant… Your restaurant.

The Menu

With us you will find a rich menu composed and formed with flair and imagination. The basis on which our whole conception is built is mainly dishes with meat, cooked on charcoal. We have chosen it, because we wanted to prove the delicious food isn’t necessarily expensive and difficult, but actually real. We roast vegetables on the BBQ too, this can be notice in the taste of our Kyopoolu, peppers, zucchini and others. Don’t miss to try our dishes made on oven. The various salads, the juicy barbecue, the specialties from chicken, pork, beef, lamb and fish and the freshly made home-made desserts are giving a possibility to every client to explore his tastes in our cuisine. We pay special attention to the products and suppliers we work with.